Exhale LOVE

God consists of a single substance and very strong: THE LOVE.

Why are humans more followed in the land was and is Jesus Christ? Because of his token of love. Every day we should prove our love to everyone around us. So, people start to follow our doings: start to love.

At all times, Jesus demonstrated his love for the people and the disciples, as when he washed the feet of twelve. The love of Jesus there are limits. Think about the consequences of an incredible love we show to others. Herein is revealed the greatness of God and his love.

God consists of a single substance and very strong: the love. God is love! He made it simple, and the foundation of everything is love. If God is love, so, in the spiritual realm there is only love. So that when we walk in the Spirit, we are walking in love. Notice how this is great: the love of God has no exception, is infinite.

We can achieve the best events, the most beautiful theater, oratory or the best, but if there is manifest the love, nothing worth. In other words, everything we do must be felt in love for each other. Make others feel the love, and they shall see God.

What is love? It is the power coming from God, and he supports you all wait, do, love... He is stronger than any feeling and attitude. The most powerful substance that exists - more than faith and hope - is love. The stronger action, incredible and difficult that man can do in life is love.

What kind of fruit you have done?

How you love others?

Are you growing in love?

We grow in knowing God, knowing that the primary substance of it is love. As we get closer to God and we are filled with his Holy Spirit, the more our actions will exude love, and thus the greater glory of God. The bright light that is in us is love. We were made to shine and bear fruit. Fruitful. Walk in love. Walk in love. Walk in love. Exhale love.

Glauber Destro
PS.: If there is any wrong phrase written in English, please comment below. So, together, let the text better. Thanks.

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