The persistence of the christian

The persistence should be a fundamental piece of a christian impacts. If we study the Bible, we see that everyone - without exception - were persistent in their vision. Thus, we learn great lessons.

First, remember: nothing is lost.
"All things work together for good to them that love God." (Romans 8:28). When not go wrong, does not mean that we are dont on track. If we are with God, we are on track, it seems right or not. In the christian life, everything that happens God into something that will work out for your good and His glory.

Second, continue to insist is only a matter of time to accomplish. And if Moses had not been for seven times to visit the pharaoh of Egypt, this would have glorified God? Moses was persistent and it was impacting the pharaoh. We have a habit of trying to at most three times, and if Moses had done so, will God be glorified in the end? " I have not failed, I discovered 1200 materials that do not serve," said Thomas Edison that invented the lamp. The question is, whether one, two, three or 1200 times, we still need to walk, until we see the "lamp access", in another light, giving birth to another project. When you have to forgive again, be sure to love it, persist. When it fails it your project, do not forget it, persist. When you invite someone to know Jesus Christ and it says “no”, persist! Learn that, persist is just part of God's plan to display his glory.

Thirdly, being a christian is to go beyond the limits of human beings. All great christians from the Bible were beyond human limitation, walked in the supernatural, did what was impossible. What were they doing? Just using the faith to persist on the path God gave them. Persist brings us faith that we need to believe in the impossible and the power of God. That is how He is glorified!

When discouraged and thought in to desist, we need return to our view, the principle of why we are doing such things. Maybe we do not understand why to continue in the midst of many difficulties, but God knows. We were not called to understand, but to obey. It is in the way of obedience that God rejoices in us find and communicate his glory. Remember: walking is with you, open the way it is with God. Persist and you will see the doors locked and the highest being opened in front of you, then you will see the light of God.

Glauber Destro
PS.: If there is any wrong phrase written in English, please comment below. So, together, let the text better. Thanks.

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