Learning to live in the desert

Deserts are the best moments of our lives. Are periods when we took more lessons to life, and more we learn. Are difficult times, of course, but they are the best times there. So we should have more insight into how we view a desert, an adversity, our problems.

The desert is the main school for God to shape us. Easy way does not teach anything to anybody. If God did not allow or used adversity to grow, we would find that we would not need more of God. One day I heard: "The story's most difficult school of life called ADVERSITIES. But it is a matter that leads to higher levels of life. "

In the desert. There are moments in life that when we pass through deserts, we seem to be literally alone, that even God has left us. As in the story of Job. God remained silent most of their suffering (Job 38). What God said to Job? "Who are you to say something? Who are you to say what I'm doing is not fair?"
The airplane. To better illustrate this, let's do the following: Consider a plane that is about to fall, going through a huge trouble ... and there you are ... You run to get to the pilot to know what is happening ... Arriving at the cabin, you see a pilot quiet, sitting in his seat, riding quietly ... Know who the Pilot? It is God, us Pilot, us God.

We forget that although we are going through times of tribulation, the Pilot remains in direction. As difficult as it is the tribulation, we must understand that we're just a passenger and he is the Pilot. Not for us to judge what he is doing, thinking, or what direction to take, much less stay asking him what is happening or where to go, or how long it will take. He can be up to, but if no answer, is to learn to trust Him.

We need to trust whoever pilots our lives, no matter how long the journey lasts, or how many there will be trouble, because this pilot always knows the best way for each of us. From now on, think right: No matter what the size of the problem, but, as you face it.

Glauber Destro
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Líder, não espere total aprovação dos outros Qual sua reação quando falam mal de você? Você corre atrás e discute? Atende às vontades dos outros? Tenta se livrar de qualquer forma e limpar seu nome? Afinal, que tipo de líder é você?
Leader, non aspettare la piena approvazione degli altri Qual è la tua reazione quando qualcuno parla male di te? Ti metti a discutere? Ascolti ciò che dicono gli altri? Eviti di essere formalista e ci tieni al tuo nome? Allora, che tipo di leader sei?
Leader, do not expect full approval of the others What is your reaction when people say bad things about you? You run back and discuss? Meets the desires of others? Attempts to get rid of this situation in any way and clear your name? After all, what kind of leader are you?