There is a time for pleasure and time for what is lasting

What profit has reached the end of life feeling happy for the nice story that lived? Does life have reached a wonderful day enough? Will have had the life that was his due?

Maybe not today, but these and other questions will ruminate on our mind when we're with her hair and white skin and extra body weaker. Some may answer these questions without hesitation, using their own arguments and judgments, but, although they have answered them, may not be the right way. Our mind is very tricky. What we can say is that one day life goes on, our life has some purpose and that, after this, something will happen.

I'm not here to give an answer, but I simply want to reflect that we who make our life, full of actions and surprises every day. There are actions that are in short-term and other in long term. Many of these are momentary, by the way are very pleasant, but with "short life". Sometimes they have great reason, or are just fun. And some actions are "long life", that is not lost in life's history, perhaps we can say until they are timeless. This is the point.

If we want a valuable life, that makes a difference in the world, we cannot live only moments. Is necessary to make things more fleeting and we fix our lives to what is eternal, for it brings more life and that never ends. It's more fun and easy to look at every day things that are momentary, but what is enduring leads us to higher levels of life. The more we perform actions that do not die, our story will have more life, a great legacy. This is real life. Focusing on what is lasting is not a choice or only an opportunity to serve, is a mission for life.

To live a valuable life we need to focus on bringing more life, love, peace, the more others, only you and less. This is what brings brightness to our lives. That things that are eternal, and are not easy. The real pleasures of life and the reason for our existence are plugged into the hardest things a man could do. All because our hearts do not want things that are eternal, but only what is more pleasurable. Our mind always leads to what is best for us, and for now. Not only her, the world can make me lose me, I just stay with me having fun back and forth. But I learned that the greater the effort, the greater the achievement, and reward will be great. Easy path does not teach anybody anything. Therefore, the real life is not a desire, but first, a need, and after having reached, then we will be sure that now we are on track.

Glauber Destro
PS.: If there is any wrong phrase written in English, please comment below. So, together, let the text better. Thanks.

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