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Glauber Destro

GLAUBER DESTRO, 24, journalist. Graduated in the Methodist University of Sao Paulo. Presentadore and producer news in Radio Trans Mundial in Brazil (2007-2010), writer of site Jornalismo Gospel (2008-2010) and the producer of the "Wall of Christian News," a free publication for the churches (2009). He currently lives in Italy, in Belluno.

• From Feb/2011 to Lug/2008 in Sicoob Coopercredito-SP (Cooperative Credit Bank of Finzionari Municipal of São Paulo): Sales assistant, speaker of cooperatives, Education Finance and Investments. Der Amplimento customer base, increase capital and handling of financial products and services. Assistance in the implementation and training of the sales department, teaching sales techniques, prospecting, preaching on cooperatives and financial education. 

• From Sep to Feb/2008, Radio Transmundial: Intern, in the preparation of reports. Production and presentation of news programs, on the country and in the world.

• From Jul to Ago/2007, Journal of the City: Intern, before realizing all types of materials and the requirements of the Journal.

• From April to Dec/2006 Institute Motivate: Speaker, speaking to hundreds of schools and businesses on "Motivation and Personal Success."

Glauber Destro

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